Make a piece of foam made into a dabber thing with tape.

Print out the stencil (in this case I found a Evergrey logo from ( ) and cut out the black parts. Use small pieces of tape to keep all the parts in one piece.

Stencil is ready.

Put some fabric paint on a small plate and dilute it a little is nescessary. Tape the stencil to the shirt and dab the dabber (?) into the paint and dab through the stencil. Try to dab from straight above. And put a piece of cardboard/newspaper under the to-be-stenciled fabric.

Stenciling done.

Take the stencil off and fill the 'tape' covered parts with a small brush if neeses.

After the paint has dried, iron it (or whatever the fabric paint instructions say) and voilá, you've got yourself a shirt.